App Overview

Everything you need to know about One Click Upsells

We created One Click Upsells specifically for Neto merchants to enable them to show relevant offers at the right time in the right place. We believe that when someone adds their desired product to cart that its the best time to show them relevant, helpful and often missed products, increasing AOV and UX at the same time. 

Terminology 101

The app name "One Click Upsells" describes the behaviour of the app, however 'Upsells' is a term we use to describe both cross sells and upsells. 

"Offers" is a term used to describe products offered for a specific Upsell. These offers can be:

Upsells - a better or more expensive alternative to what they added to cart. 

Cross Sells - an accompanying or helpful product to compliment their purchase.

Timing is everything

By the time your customers arrive at the checkout, let’s face it, they’ve already checked out. Trying to shove items into their basket now is like offering a “buy 1, get 1 free” as they’re literally driving away.

Timing and relevance are everything and the best way to increase your profit is to increase your customers’ cart purchases – while they’re still in purchase mode.

On brand & on point

One Click Upsells is a powerful tool that offers tailored upsells and cross sells at precisely the right time during your customers’ purchase journeys, effectively turning offers into opportunities. One Click Upsells makes it easier for:

  • Your new and loyal customers to shop smarter with larger purchases made easy
  • Increased profits from higher revenues to make their way to your bottom line
  • Enhanced UX integration into your brand identity

Deep Neto integration πŸŽ‰

One Click Upsells is the addon that delivers more profit with less effort by presenting upsell/cross sell opportunities “in the moment”. Using customer purchase preference insights from your Neto store, One Click Upsells offers buying opportunities that are relevant and timely in relation to shopper behaviours.

These opportunities are seamlessly integrated into the purchase journey so shoppers are far more likely to take up your offers. 

Track ROI overall & by upsell

We show you key metrics for every upsell, including:

  • Impressions
  • Add to carts
  • Additional revenue $
  • Conversion % by upsell
  • Plus more

Machine Learning & Increasing Conversions

Creating and thinking through best offers can be time consuming so we've implemented a smart AI engine that crunches through your historical sales data to find winning offer combinations. You can create recommended offers with a couple of clicks, saving you time and analysis. 

πŸ‘† You’re all caught up