Handling discounts

How we handle Neto discounts via the offer

Offering a one time discount via One Click Upsells is a compelling way to increase your AOV by creating urgency. This assumes that your offers are crafted to be complimentary to the item they just added to cart. 

Currently, Neto doesn't provide an automated way for us to create discounts in your store, so to use this feature, you will need to create a discount code within Neto and then use the code when crafting your offer. 

It's simple, once you have added your offers, just click the 'Add Discount' checkbox to reveal a couple of new fields. 

  1. Discount Code - this is where you paste your pre-created discount code from Neto
  2. Discount $ or %

Your offer will look compelling as the discount $ or % inputed for that offer will automatically cross out the usual price and show the promotional price (price they will get after adding this to cart). One Click Upsells will automatically apply that discount code any time someone adds that offer to cart. Its seamless and simple. 

Combine the ability to add a custom offer description, you can craft very compelling and eye catching offers that visitors won't be able to resist!

Here is an example

👆 You’re all caught up