Import Upsells in Bulk

You can import upsells in bulk via CSV

If you want to set up multiple upsells in a quick and easy way, we recommend using our bulk import feature. This allows you to set up your upsells, offers and conditions in a simple CSV file which can then be imported with one click. 

You can download a sample CSV here to get started. 

Once you're ready, head over to the Outsmart app via your Neto/Maropost Commerce Cloud control panel.

Control Panel > Addons > Outsmart

Inside the Outsmart app, click on One Click Upsells. In the top right corner you will see a button called "Import Upsells". Clicking on that will ask you to select the prepared CSV file. Once you do your upsells will be created. 

Data Mapping

- Upsell Name [Required]
- Custom Upsell Heading [Optional]
- Upsell Target [Options include - product, category, brand]
- Target ID [Options include - product SKU, category ID, brand ID]
- Offer SKU [Required]
- Offer Type [Options include - cross_sell, upsell]
- Offer Description [Optional]
- Match Parent Quantity [only for upsell type]
- Show Quantity Dropdown [global setting is default, 0 or 1 to override]
- Discount Type [Options include - percent, amount]
- Discount Amount [Options include - 0-100 for percent, any dollar amount (exclude $ or % symbols)]
- Discount Code [Must have been pre-created in Neto, required if using discount type]
- Priority [Default is 0, determines the priority of this upsell over other overlapping upsells]

Error Control

The file will not import if the data is not correctly mapped. You will see an error message letting you know what might be wrong in the CSV file.

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