Facebook Login Setup Instructions

How to setup Facebook for your Social Login

How to enable Facebook login in the Outsmart App

Create a Facebook App
To be able to log in via Facebook you must create a Facebook app first.

  1. Navigate to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/
  2. Log in with your Facebook credentials if you are not logged in.
  3. Click on the “Create App” button and in the Popup choose the “Consumer” App type.
  4. If you see the message “Become a Facebook Developer”, then you need to click on the green “Register Now” button, fill the form then finally verify your account.
  5. Fill “App Display Name”, “App Contact Email”. The specified “App Display Name” will appear on your Consent Screen. We recommend this is simply your Business or Shop name.
  6. Optional: choose a “Business Manager Account” in the popup, if you have any.
  7. Click the “Create App” button and complete the Security Check.
  8. Find “Facebook Login” and click “Set Up”.
  9. Select “Web” and into the “Site URL” field you should enter your website URL
  10. Press “Save”.
  11. Click on the “Settings” option what you find on the left side, under “Products – Facebook Login”
  12. Into the “Valid OAuth redirect URIs” field you should add your full website URL.
  13. Click on “Save Changes”.
  14. On the top left side, click on the “Settings” menu point, then click “Basic”.
  15. Enter your domain name to the “App Domains” field.
  16. Fill up the “Privacy Policy URL” field. Provide a publicly available and easily accessible privacy policy that explains what data you are collecting and how you will use that data.
  17. At “User Data Deletion”, choose the “Data Deletion Instructions URL” option, and enter the URL of your page* with the instructions on how users can delete their accounts on your site. This can be your privacy policy link.
  18. Select a “Category”, an “App Icon” and pick the “App Purpose” option that describes your App the best, then press “Save Changes”.
  19. Your application is currently private, which means that only you can log in with it. In the top bar switch the “App Mode” from “Development” to “Live”.
  20. By default, your application only has Standard access for the permissions, which is not enough for Facebook Login.
    On the left side, click on App Review then click Permissions and Features. In the table you will find the “public_profile” and “email” permissions and you should click on the Get Advanced Access buttons next to them.
  21. On the top left side, click on the “Settings” menu point, then click “Basic”.
  22. At the top of the page you can find your “App ID” and you can see your “App secret” if you click on the “Show” button. App ID will be required in the Outsmart app.

App setup

Once your Facebook app is ready you’ll need to copy and paste the App ID into the Outsmart app settings page for Social Login > Networks > Facebook. 


Once your App ID and App secret has been added you need to verify the setup first. This verification helps you identify possible problems with the app.

Outsmart Settings

Coming soon.

Data Sync

Coming soon.

Facebook Data Use Checkup

To protecting people’s privacy, Facebook requires an annual checkup so they can ensure that your API access and data use comply with the Facebook policies. 

If Facebook display the “Data Use Checkup” modal for your App, then make sure you complete it otherwise you may lose the API access.

Once you started the process, Facebook will ask the permissions that you need. In case of Nextend Social Login, we need the following permissions:

  • public_profile
  • email

so don’t forget to check them under the “Certify Data Use” section, before you continue to the next steps.

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