Fixing login page CSS selectors

Helps you fix the login page social login buttons positioning

On most websites, the Social Login buttons should already be positioned correctly, but in rare cases - they won't be.

To fix the positioning, you will most likely just need to tweak the CSS selectors for the login and registration forms.

To find the correct CSS selector, open the Chrome DevTools or Firefox Developer Tools and select the login form, look for the element that is the first parent of the login button, and note its ID or class. For example, most commonly it is `.card-body` in the `#login` form, which would be written as `#login .card-body`.

The same should be done for the registration form.

If you are having any trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us using the chat bubble on this screen or in your Outsmart dashboard, we'll be glad to fix it for you.

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