What is PrettyEmails?

It's all about making your store emails...pretty!

PrettyEmails is an app that solves one big problem, Neto emails are ugly!

You may have noticed that Neto emails are mostly 'plain text' meaning they don't look on-brand or modern. This is an issue for any eCommerce brand wanting to project a consistent on-brand image. That's you hopefully!

The good news is that Neto emails are like your website templates, meaning they can be changed and improved. Thanks Neto! 

This is where PrettyEmails comes in. We've built an intuitive drag and drop modern email designer that comes with all the Neto emails you'll need all pre-designed and ready to go. All you need to do is make any tweaks you wish and you're ready to copy and paste the new email templates into Neto. 

Normally and traditionally you would need to get in touch with a web development agency who could design these templates for you from scratch and this would cost upwards of $2k or more! Not to mention, it would take days or weeks. 

Now you can have modern, beautiful, on-brand emails in less than a day or even in an hour depending on how many changes you wish to make to the design pack. 

So what are you waiting for, grab PrettyEmails for a one time cost and tick off a big brand problem...its now no more.

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